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December 2018 Archives

The consequences of wrongful termination

We have written about various topics related to wrongful termination and in this blog, we will explore some of the consequences of this serious matter. In Santa Barbara and cities across all of California, many people have been fired wrongly. Unfortunately, this can lead to many different hardships that shatter a victim's life. Moreover, wrongful termination cases can also be very challenging for companies. As a result, it is essential for employees who have been wrongfully terminated to fight for their rights and for employers to take steps to prevent future occurrences of wrongful termination.

What are the laws around hiring a minor?

There are numerous laws and regulations designed to protect children and adolescents under the age of 18 who want to work in California. There are restrictions about the type of industry and occupation a child can work in, the number of hours in a day or week and minimum wages the employees must receive. Employers who do not follow these laws can face strict penalties.

What breaks are required for employees?

If you work in California, the state requires that your employer provides a certain number and types of breaks depending on how many hours and in what industry you are working. Employers must follow these guidelines to the best of their abilities and if not, they may need to compensate the employees accordingly.

Learn whether your job is exempt before filing a wage theft claim

If you are an employee in California and work more than a standard day or week, overtime wages may be due. Unfortunately, businesses do not always pay as the law requires. At Anticouni & Associates, we represent clients who have experienced wage theft by their employer.


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