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September 2019 Archives

How discrimination may affect employees long term

Although there are laws meant to protect workers in California from workplace discrimination, it still occurs. Whether it is discrimination due to race, gender, disability, religion or age, studies show that over time, this behavior has negative effects on workers and their physical and mental health.

Men may struggle to report sexual harassment at work

Most California employees have undergone sexual harassment seminars at their jobs and understand what behaviors are unacceptable in the workplace. While most awareness campaigns about workplace sexual harassment focus on women who experience it, men may also be targets of these behaviors. However, it may be more difficult for men to report sexual harassment due to a number of factors.

3 ways your employer could try to avoid overtime pay laws

Your employer benefits off of every moment you work, which means that you deserve to get paid for all of your time. If you aren't a salaried employee, that means that you receive hourly wages, and all hourly workers should receive overtime pay for the hours they work beyond 40 hours in a given week.

The different types of discrimination

Although there are laws in California that protect workers from discrimination, this still occurs throughout all occupations and industries. Sometimes discrimination is more subtle, while other times it may result in someone losing their job or facing a demotion. There are different types of discrimination, and sometimes an employee may not even know it is occurring.

Potential changes to federal overtime laws

Californians are more fortunate than many Americans when it comes to overtime pay. California is one of several states that put in place better overtime pay laws than the federal government. According to CNN Business, state law requires employers to pay 1.5 times the regular hourly wages for working more than eight hours in a day. When workers’ shifts pass 12 hours per day, employers pay double-time wages.

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