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3 common ways that employers steal wages

Wage theft is a serious issue that affects employees across all industries and in various cities, including the Santa Barbara area. Federal and state laws guarantee employees certain rights, such as a minimum wage. When employers violate these rights and steal those wages, they are committing a crime. In fact, the Economic Policy Institute estimates that among the 10 most populated states, approximately 2.4 million workers fall victim to wage theft.

Victim of wage theft? You have rights

Have you ever opened your paycheck and thought that it seemed light? Maybe your Santa Barbara employer asked you to work overtime but the pay isn't reflected in your check. Or, maybe your boss asked you to work off the clock for some reason and you are wondering if you can refuse without risking your job. Maybe you are working at a restaurant and your employer is keeping your tips. Whatever the reason for these lost wages, you might have some options to recover them.

Can I get fired for a non work-related injury?

If you get an injury in California, such as from a car accident, sports accident or other unfortunate incident, and you are unable to work at your job for a period of time, you may worry your employer could fire you. Depending on the situation, there are a number of laws that protect your job. Some include benefits to help cover expenses, while others may force you to take unpaid time off. 

Learn whether your job is exempt before filing a wage theft claim

If you are an employee in California and work more than a standard day or week, overtime wages may be due. Unfortunately, businesses do not always pay as the law requires. At Anticouni & Associates, we represent clients who have experienced wage theft by their employer.

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