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January 2018 Archives

Anticouni & Associates Files Lawsuit against California-American Water Company

Anticouni & Associates Files Lawsuit against California-American Water Company for Age Discrimination, Disability-Based Associational Discrimination, Failure to Accommodate, Failure to Engage in a Timely Good Faith Interaction, Wrongful Termination in Violation of Public Policy, and Emotional Distress.

Anticouni & Associates Files Lawsuit Against Securitas Security Services USA, Inc.

Anticouni & Associates Files Lawsuit against Securitas Security Services USA, Inc. for Sexual Harassment and Hostile Work Environment, Failure to Investigate and Failure to Prevent Sexual Harassment, Negligent Retention of an Employee, Emotional Distress, and Wrongful Termination in Violation of Public Policy.

Are teenagers' part time jobs considered child labor?

It can be embarrassing to admit, but there is a certain relief when your teenage child gets his or her part time job. Part time jobs not only provide teenagers with their own source of income so that they no longer drain so much of their parents' funds, but teach them maturity, responsibility and appreciation for the work you do - while getting them out from underfoot during some of the most frustrating developmental years of their lives. But if your teenage child works full time, are their employers practicing illegal child labor under California law?

What is unlawful retaliation?

When discrimination or harassment happens in your workplace, it can be instinctive to go to HR or your senior managers to report the incident - especially when California is one of the most worker-friendly states in the country, and your right to workplace safety should be stringently protected. Yet suddenly you find that your complaint is brushed off, dismissed, and you begin seeing negative actions taken toward you in retaliation. You may receive a demotion, or be assigned to less than favorable projects or have lucrative clients taken from you. When this happens, it is called unlawful retaliation.

Know your rights with age discrimination

You may be going silver at the temples, but you are still at the top of your game. Your age and experience give you a perspective that provides an advantage over competitors or younger employees, but what if employers have biased beliefs about older workers? Some employers may believe older workers are not as sharp as younger workers, or may be slower and less likely to perform well in demanding situations. If you feel that you have been discriminated against on the job or in the California employment market due to your age, we at Anticouni & Associates fully understand your frustration.

Do "at-will" laws also apply to employees in California?

You have likely heard of at-will employment laws, or laws that allow employers to terminate employees at will at any time and for any reason without opening themselves to legal retaliation, even if that does not protect them from suits for discrimination or other acts of wrongful termination. But does the at-will clause also protect an employee and allow them to leave an employer at any time and for any reason?

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