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July 2019 Archives

Gender wage gap is highest among educated workers

It is a well-known fact that women are the most educated workers in California and the rest of the United States. Many women go through extreme lengths to acquire several degrees or to move up the educational ladder to see a corresponding effect on their career and their pay checks.

Psychologists try to explain why men harass women at work

When the #MeToo movement first took off in California, few people expected it to spread in the way it did. Celebrities, politicians and business moguls all across the United States continue to find themselves haunted and even incarcerated by the sins of their past, involving unethical and illegal behavior regarding their treatment of women. In some instances, the victims are even underage girls.

It may be possible to fight a wrongful termination

When employees in California lose their jobs under unfair circumstances, many of them shrug it off as normal and simply move on to another job. For others, the transition process is more difficult. It may take weeks or months to find another job and it may not be as high-paying as the one they lost. When seeking new employment, recruiters may also be reluctant to hire employees for top positions if they were fired from their last job. So, what can these employees do?

You cannot be fired for objecting to lack of rest breaks

According to California law, employers have a duty to provide their workers with rest breaks, provided that workers have performed labor for four hours. So if you notice that your employer is not giving workers the amount of rest breaks that they deserve, it is a valid complaint and you should not be penalized for it. If an employer decides to take retaliatory action against you, you should know that your rights are being violated.

Fighting religious discrimination in the workplace

When people in California talk about discrimination, most of the conversation veers toward racial, sex and LGBTQ discrimination. However, one other aspect of workplace discrimination that deserves more attention is religious discrimination. Some companies have found new ways to avoid hiring or promoting workers that belong to certain faiths by creating restrictions based on dress codes for some positions.

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