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Client Reviews 

“Bruce and his staff, Tristan and Nicole, were very helpful with a legal issue I had. They met with me on a regular basis and kept me informed of each step in the process. They were very supportive during the mediation and did not pressure me to make any decisions, but directed me on the legal process and potential paths in my case could take. I would recommend this law firm and definitely use them again.”

-Michael Morrissey

“Our organization has benefitted enormously from the expertise and advocacy of Mr. Anticouni. He helped us resolve a delicate human resource matter with great skill and a fair outcome. Mr. Anticouni remains calm and professional under difficult circumstances and prevails with reason, legal expertise and compassion.”

-A Client

An excellent advocate

“Bruce Anticouni is capable, competent, caring and the best representation to choose in any challenging employment dispute. He is the knowledgeable voice of reason necessary to prevail while providing strong emotional support to his client. I hold Bruce and associates in the highest regard in terms of integrity, consistency, urgency, compassion and detail. I highly recommend Bruce, who is not only top notch representation, but also a pleasure to work with.”

– A Client

Great Advocate

“I have been retained by Bruce to handle a number of cases referred to Alternative Dispute Resolution. He has always been tough, fair, and mindful of his client’s best interests. If a relative came to me and needed a good lawyer in Santa Barbara, Bruce would top my list.”

-A Client

Beyond my Expectations

“From the moment I entered Bruce Anticouni’s office, I was impressed by the strong bond that Bruce & his staff had for one another. It was very comforting to me, I felt very much at ease. After speaking with Bruce, and one of his colleagues Nicole, I felt confident that I had come to the right place. Bruce was not only professional, he was trustworthy, confident, very knowledgeable and compassionate too. He attentive when he listens, yet you immediately can tell that he is a force to be reckoned with. While under his counsel, Bruce & his staff were always very responsive, compassionate, and attentive to all my needs. When in need of an excellent attorney whom will fight for you, Bruce Anticouni is the one. Thank you Bruce, to you and your staff for all you did for me. Best of Wishes.”


Will go the Extra Mile

“Bruce and his team were amazing. I never had a doubt that they would pull through for me. I was uncertain and frightened by the mere thought of having to sue anyone; but the team was there to assure me. I was walked through the process and they told me all the pros and cons. I was never in the dark or misled. They stood by their word and worked hard to see me through my case. I was very please with them and would recommend them to anyone going through what I went through.”

-A Client

Knowledgeable, thorough, and supportive

“Bruce and his associates recently provided me with top-notch legal support, and I have the highest regard for the way in which they treated me both as a client and as a human being. They worked tirelessly on my behalf, and in addition to their legal skill, treated me with compassion and care during a very difficult time. They have my deep appreciation, as well as my highest recommendation.”


Great counselor and litigator

“I have worked with Bruce for close to 30 years. I have always found him to be professional and trustworthy. I would hire Bruce I have had a problem or someone else in my family did. That is the highest praise one attorney can give another.”



Great to have on our side!

“An excellent person to have as a legal advisor for our company. He is completely professional, as is his team. When a delicate situation needed to be addressed, he was there for us. We trust him with the legalities of our business. He has always been very prompt to answer questions for us and to give us sound advice. He was recommended to us by several well known businesses in the community and we would recommend him to anyone.”


Employment Defense Lawyer/Peer

“Bruce is an extremely knowledgeable and highly experienced individual claim and class action lawyer. An individual with an employment-related issue could do no better in the Santa Barbara area or anywhere else in California.”


Very good representation

“Mr. Anticouni helped me navigate a very difficult time in my life. I was wrongfully terminated and was being treated very unfairly by my previous employer. Mr. Anticouni let me know what I was entitled to and what I should expect if we would have to go to trial. Fortunately things were settled before it came to any of that.”


Excellent representation

“Mr. Anticouni represented me in a recent, very difficult, employment case in which I was the plaintiff. I was a 20 yr. employee of a firm that was abruptly discharged by a new board of directors. Mr. Anticouni thoroughly and methodically dug into the issues surrounding my dismissal and was able to win an award for me that was, to my knowledge…the first ever in our industry. I am very grateful to Mr. Anticouni and his staff for there [sic] professionalism, knowledge and ability to expedite the entire process. I would recommend him in a heartbeat.”


Twice in Twenty years

“I have been represented by this attorney twice in matters having to do with my business. One of the occasions was nearly twenty years ago. Both times he represented me in hearings, both times he did all the preparation for the hearings. He was very thorough and exact. He was capable of sorting through obfuscating details to focus only on the issues that counted. In both cases he was brutally honest with me about the cost of future litigation vs. specific settlements. He is a valuable advisor to my business.”

-A Client

Employment Lawyer in Santa Barbara and Ventura

“Great lawyer! He is the most experienced and successful employment lawyer in Ventura and Santa Barbara.”



“Mr. Anticouni is an extremely effective negotiator and attorney for his clients. He has worked with his colleagues to resolve problems and forge many settlements in his clients’ best interests. He is reasoned and tenacious in his approach to negotiation.”

-A Client

“Mr. Anticouni is one of the best lawyers with whom I have worked as a mediator. He was prepared, sensitive to his client’s needs and desires. His experience, knowledge and masterful approach in representing his clients in mediation is admirable. I hope more lawyers will be as effective and reasonable as Mr. Anticouni has been. It renders it most likely for reasonable settlements to occur more often.”


“I found Mr. Anticouni to be an ardent advocate, a skillful negotiator and attentive counsellor. He resolved a difficult employment matter with just the right touch of tenacity and reason.”

-A Client

Knowledgable, thorough, and supportive

“Bruce and his associates recently provided me with top-notch legal support, and I have the highest regard for the way in which they treated me both as a client and as a human being. They worked tirelessly on my behalf, and in addition to their legal skill, treated me with compassion and care during a very difficult time. They have my deep appreciation, as well as my highest recommendation.”

A local legend in employment law

“Mr. Anticouni’s knowledge, experience, wisdom, and personal efficacy made all the difference in my concerns being effectively resolved. His integrity and trustworthiness were not only appreciated by me but his reputation in these regards preceded my case and help the process be resolved in a beneficial way to all involved.”

– A Client

“Bruce Anticouni represented me in a workplace matter and I was beyond impressed with the whole experience. He and his team are responsive, detailed, and a pleasure to work with while going through a difficult experience. Bruce provided excellent advice and brings an incredible wealth of knowledge to the table. I believe. I believe I ended up with a positive outcome based on having Bruce and his firm as my representation.”

-Kyle Erickson.

“Professional and trustworthy. The best of the best.”

– A Client

“A very good firm. Very responsive to my needs.”

– A Client

“I would like to extend my appreciation and gratitude to Bruce and Nicole for their diligence on my case. Bruce was very responsive and continuously kept me apprised of status and updates. This was the first time I have had to utilize legal services in this capacity. I was impressed with their service. Excellent service and responsiveness.”

– A Client