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Recent Client Reviews

“I know ‘like family’ is a phrase that’s thrown around without much thought, but not by me. After having some not-so-positive preconceived notions about attorneys for a long time, I can say now that Bruce and Nicole completely changed my beliefs about same, and have made me FEEL like family — they cared, they worked their respective butts off, and we prevailed solely because of them. They babied me when I needed it; they slapped me upside the head with facts and logic when I needed it. And they did 99.9% of the work needed for my issue. I would often think of something and email one or both of them at bizarre hours of the early morning, and would receive an IMMEDIATE response. I’m guessing they’ve learned to live without sleep. And a couple of years after the case was settled, I had an issue with the IRS that concerned the original case. Went crying to Bruce and he wrote an extensive letter for me to give the IRS — once again, we prevailed. And he charged NOTHING for his work that time! I would recommend this firm to anyone (and have) with any problem, particularly employment-related. If they cannot help with your employment case, no one can.

-Linda Tinker

“I’ve had very few cases where I’ve had to utilize the services of an employment attorney, once as an employer and now once as an employee. In both circumstances I’ve received professional and expert services from Bruce Anticouni. I highly recommend the firm of Anticouni & Ricotta. They have been quick to respond with expert advice based on years of knowledge and experience. They are the best.

-Fred Leivo

“Mr. Anticouni is incredibly authoritative, consoling, and decisive. Thank you for helping us to navigate the dizzying and sometimes treacherous seas of legal difficulties and helping to keep our non-profit comply with California employment laws. Your steady and wise counsel has the journey more hopeful and even enlightening.”

-Hidden Wings

A local legend in employment law

“Mr. Anticouni’s knowledge, experience, wisdom, and personal efficacy made all the difference in my concerns being effectively resolved. His integrity and trustworthiness were not only appreciated by me but his reputation in these regards preceded my case and help the process be resolved in a beneficial way to all involved.”


Very good representation

“Mr. Anticouni helped me navigate a very difficult time in my life. I was wrongfully terminated and was being treated very unfairly by my previous employer. Mr. Anticouni let me know what I was entitled to and what I should expect if we would have to go to trial. Fortunately, things were settled before it came to any of that.”

– Meghan

“Bruce Anticouni has recently assisted our non-profit with several challenging employee issues, and I found Bruce to be extremely responsive and helpful, providing us with the guidance that we needed to navigate through the issues successfully. I felt completely confident in Bruce’s work for us, that he genuinely understood our issues, and that he was a strong advocate for us. If we need legal counsel again, we would not hesitate to retain Bruce and his firm, and I would strongly recommend them for anyone looking for an attorney for an employment law issue.”


Excellent Representation

“Mr. Anticouni represented me in a recent, very difficult, employment case in which I was the plaintiff. I was a 20 yr. employee of a firm that was abruptly discharged by a new board of directors. Mr. Anticouni thoroughly and methodically dug into the issues surrounding my dismissal and was able to win an award for me that was, to my knowledge…the first ever in our industry. I am very grateful to Mr. Anticouni and his staff for there professionalism, knowledge and ability to expedite the entire process. I would recommend him in a heartbeat.”


Twice In Twenty Years

“I have been represented by this attorney twice in matters having to do with my business. One of the occasions was nearly twenty years ago. Both times he represented me in hearings, both times he did all the preparation for the hearings. He was very thorough and exact. He was capable of sorting through obfuscating details to focus only on the issues that counted. In both cases, he was brutally honest with me about the cost of future litigation vs. specific settlements. He is a valuable advisor to my business.”

-Sullivan Goss

Simply, The Best!

If you were a victim of discrimination, had your employment contract continually violated but continued your employment because you needed to provide for your family, do what I did. Hire Bruce Anticouni to represent you. Anticouni and Ricotta promptly and deftly leveled the playing field, ensured that my rights were respected, obtained a fair and just settlement, and compensation for my family and myself. Thank you Bruce, thank you Nicole. You are simply the best.


Impressive Service

I would like to extend my appreciation and gratitude to Bruce and Nicole for their diligence on my case. Bruce was very responsive and continuously kept me apprised of status and updates. This was the first time I have had to utilize legal services in this capacity. I was impressed with their service. Excellent service and responsiveness.


Responsive, professional, and respectful advisor

Bruce Anticouni represented me in a workplace matter and I was beyond impressed with the whole experience. He and his team are responsive, detailed, and a pleasure to work with while going through a difficult experience. Bruce provided excellent advice and brings an incredible wealth of knowledge to the table. I believe I ended up with a positive outcome based on having Bruce and his firm as my representation.”


Excellent Attorney in Group Mediation

Bruce and Tristan patiently gathered information from each of our group and counseled us wisely through mediation. I especially appreciated their availability to all of us. They explained legal issues and managed to get all of us to a good understanding of our case. It became obvious to me that through Bruce’s professional longevity in Santa Barbara, he has developed relationships with mediators, other professionals, and the community members in general. This was instrumental in the good outcome of our case.”


Professional and Results Oriented

Nicole and her team were professional and courteous throughout the entire process. She helped us navigate through a difficult situation while keeping our best interest in mind. Her team was sensitive and showed genuine concern. I would highly recommend Nicole and all of her staff.


He fought for me!

He helped me through a very difficult period in my life. I had been with my employer for nearly 33 years and was “laid off” 7 months after returning from cancer treatment. Bruce helped me through the settlement process and we were able to settle approx. 10 months after my layoff. His knowledge and experience of the legal system as it relates to wrongful termination was great and a quicker than usual settlement allowed me to move on with my life. Do not let his calm and cool demeanor fool you, my husband and I nicked named him “Jaws,” after the shark movie. I would highly recommend Bruce as an attorney. He helped me understand a complicated legal system that I never thought I would need to understand. I felt as though he really fought for me when no one else was!


An excellent job

I would say that I was lucky and grateful to have a lawyer of Bruce’s ability, understanding, and empathy. He understands the complexities of a case and is not afraid to pursue it aggressively. I would rate him a 10 on a scale of 1-10.”


Great Attorney!

I am extremely grateful for hiring Nicole as my attorney. I was very nervous at first, but from the very beginning I felt like I could really trust her and I’m glad I did. She was very honest and communicative throughout the whole process and made a stressful situation for me much less stressful. I feel like she really stood behind our case and really fought for what we deserved. The process went by much faster than I anticipated too. I highly recommend her!


A Job Well Done!

I know this may sound odd, but for having to deal with such an unpleasant situation, Bruce Anticouni and his team sure made my two-year journey to justice relatively painless and even somewhat enjoyable. I was able to get my point heard and I feel as if Bruce has made things right and I feel whole once again. What more can one ask for…


“Bruce was very professional and listened to what I had to say and guided me in the right direction. If you are looking for a great lawyer Bruce is your man.”


Will go the Extra Mile!

“Bruce and his team were amazing. I never had a doubt that they would pull through for me. I was uncertain and frightened by the mere thought of having to sue anyone; but the team was there to assure me. I was walked through the process and they told me all the pros and cons. I was never in the dark or misled. They stood by their word and worked hard to see me through my case. I was very please with them and would recommend them to anyone going through what I went through. 


Partner and Support

“I had the privilege of working with Nicole on my case. From the beginning to the end, Nicole was available, kept me informed on what was going on, explained the processes, let me vent, supported and believed in my case, laughed with me when I needed it, and was firm with me when I needed it. You can rely on Nicole’s professional expertise while feeling supported by her at the same time. The whole process was more emotional then I thought possible. I can not thank her enough for letting me rely on her through so many different areas.”


Thank You Bruce Anticouni and Staff

“Bruce Anticouni and staff were very professional, attentive and a pleasure to work with. Bruce kept me well informed throughout the process and answered all of my questions in a timely matter. Many thanks to Bruce and his staff for their assistance!”


“Bruce and his staff, Tristan and Nicole, were very helpful with a legal issue I had. They met with me on a regular basis and kept me informed of each step in the process. They were very supportive during the mediation and did not pressure me to make any decisions, but directed me on the legal process and potential paths in my case could take. I would recommend this law firm and definitely use them again.”

-Michael Morrissey

Beyond my Expectations

“From the moment I entered Bruce Anticouni’s office, I was impressed by the strong bond that Bruce & his staff had for one another. It was very comforting to me, I felt very much at ease. After speaking with Bruce, and one of his colleagues Nicole, I felt confident that I had come to the right place. Bruce was not only professional, he was trustworthy, confident, very knowledgeable, and compassionate too. He attentive when he listens, yet you immediately can tell that he is a force to be reckoned with.
While under his counsel, Bruce & his staff were always very responsive, compassionate, and attentive to all my needs. When in need of an excellent attorney whom will fight for you, Bruce Anticouni is the one. Thank you Bruce, to you and your staff for all you did for me. Best of Wishes.”


“Extremely knowledgeable, easy to get in touch with – very professional at all times. Always up to date with the most current laws. Helped my business to stay legal in every aspect. Well worth every dime spent. All work was done in an expedited time frame.”

– Mohammed

5.0 Stars

“Bruce and his staff were very responsive and took care of my needs in a professional and timely manner. I would highly recommend them.”

– Michael

A steady hand to guide me through a terrible situation

“Tristan is an incredible resource that always had my best interest as the first priority. He has made a positive impact on how I view the legal process which is incredibly overwhelming most of the time. Tristan is always thoughtful in his approach and methodical in his actions. There were many times where I was on the verge of giving up and breaking down when he and his team picked me back up and basically held my hand through some of the most difficult and heartbreaking days of my life. Tristan is an amazing lawyer but an even greater person who cared more about my well being than any bottom line. I recommend him to anyone who is in need of someone who is honest, genuine, and diligent to get results. Consider yourself lucky to have him and his team helping you. A+++++++”

– Matthew

Extremely effective

“Mr. Anticouni is an extremely effective negotiator and attorney for his clients. He has worked with his colleagues to resolve problems and forge many settlements in his clients’ best interests. He is reasoned and tenacious in his approach to negotiation.”

– Ivan

Nothing But Praise!

Bruce and Nicole felt more like partners and friends than being in an attorney/client relationship. They actually CARED about me, my health issues, and the problems my employer had either created or exacerbated. They were willing and eager to fight for my rights at every turn. When I made the decision to accept a settlement, it was done with NO pressure from them either way – they explained the pros and cons of settlement versus court battle, and the decision was mine. Had I wanted to continue on to court, they were more than prepared to go forward, and we were confident the outcome would have been positive, but hard-won emotionally and physically. I was satisfied with the settlement amount offered, but more importantly, the employing entity knows that treating employees the way they dealt with me WILL cost them. I would not hesitate to refer anyone with an employment issue – and indeed have done so – to Anticouni & Ricotta. Although the past couple of years have been difficult, my team made a very negative situation so much more positive than it could have been. As I told Bruce, ‘You people give lawyers a GOOD name!’.



“Nicole was immensely helpful. She corresponded with my employer for me as well as accompanied me to a meeting with them. She was always prompt in getting back to me when I had a question and provided excellent advice. I highly recommend her and will not hesitate to use her services again if I need to in the future.”


The Best

Bruce represented me in an employment matter when I had nowhere left to turn. He took immediate action and aggressively handled my case with the highest ethical standards to get the best outcome for me. He is thoughtful, caring, and took the time to explain the entire process. Bruce is excellent at communicating and responded to my questions immediately. He involved me in much of the case and I felt comfortable with every step forward. I can’t say enough about his integrity and highly recommend him!


I got great results from working with Nicole Ricotta

Results matter! I can highly recommend Nicole as a top-notch advocate, especially for women. We were able to settle quickly, and out of court, she is a no nonsense woman who knows how to cut to the chase with questions and investigation.


An excellent advocate

“Bruce Anticouni is capable, competent, caring and the best representation to choose in any challenging employment dispute. He is the knowledgeable voice of reason necessary to prevail while providing strong emotional support to his client. I hold Bruce and associates in the highest regard in terms of integrity, consistency, urgency, compassion and detail. I highly recommend Bruce, who is not only top-notch representation, but also a pleasure to work with.”


Efficient, knowledgeable, trustworthy

Mr. Anticouni consistently demonstrated the characteristics of a talented, experienced, and competent attorney. Mr. Anticouni and his team returned my emails and calls promptly, represented my concern effectively, and provided knowledgeable information consistently. Mr. Anticouni presented the law in an understandable and comprehensive fashion. I would highly recommend anyone with a viable concern to connect with Mr. Anticouni’s team for a review of the facts of their case. The timeline he presented was accurate and the legal strategy proposed was ethical and effective. Mr. Anticouni’s offices are professional and well-appointed. Most importantly, I completely trusted Mr. Anticouni’s ability to adeptly represent my complaint and he delivered on that trust.


Very Grateful!

Nicole was extremely helpful with my case. She took my claims seriously and validated how wronged I felt. Nicole and her team worked quickly towards a resolution, communicating with me along the way. She was available for phone calls and questions during a very stressful and anxious time. She was honest and direct and made recommendations that felt realistic while working for a best-case scenario. She was very reassuring when the case began to take an emotional toll on me, and made sure I was taken care of. I am very grateful for her work and guidance, and all she and the firm did for me!


An Outstanding Advocate!

“Our organization has benefitted enormously from the expertise and advocacy of Mr. Anticouni. He helped us resolve a delicate human resource matter with great skill and a fair outcome. Mr. Anticouni remains calm and professional under difficult circumstances and prevails with reason, legal expertise, and compassion.”


Mr. Anticouni and associates were warm, knowledgeable, and professional from the start in handling my harassment case. I did not know what to expect and was under a lot of stress but they guided me through the process, handled all the details, and kept in constant communication. They resolved my case in only a few months with a very fair settlement. They provide a great service and I am very grateful. Many thanks!


Excellent Services

I highly recommend Tristan to anyone needing quality legal counsel here in the Santa Barbara area. He was efficient and knowledgeable and walked me through all the necessary steps we would be taking during the court process. My case had been dragging on for a year or so before Tristan became involved. He was able to dismiss the case, so I could finally get the burden off my back. If you are looking for the best representation, then Tristan is your guy.


“I found Mr. Anticouni to be an ardent advocate, a skillful negotiator, and an attentive counselor. He resolved a difficult employment matter with just the right touch of tenacity and reason.”

-Jon K.

Very Effective & Competent Attorney

I hired Nicole Ricotta with Anticouni & Ricotta to represent me on a sexual battery case against my employer. Nicole is professional, caring, and competent. I received a favorable settlement.


Outstanding Advocate

When my employer let me go without fulfilling the promises they had made to me at my time of hire, my inclination was to let the situation ride. However, after meeting with Mr. Anticouni and his colleague Nicole, I came to believe in the possibility that justice could prevail. Mr. Anticouni and Nicole worked patiently, diligently and professionally with me over the course of several months, listening to my concerns, providing clarity to questions, and keeping me informed on the process, until my claim was resolved to my satisfaction. I’m deeply appreciative of Mr. Anticouni and his team; their commitment, skill, and drive to resolution have made a significant difference in my transition of employment and my quality of life. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mr. Anticouni and his associates to anyone in need of employment representation.


Client Whisperer!

Nicole saw that I had a valid case when others including colleagues questioned the viability of going forward. She listened to my words and my heart. I had been through so much already, so stressed, yet every time we met she would calm me with her kindness and knowledge. She gave me the confidence to let her take my case forward.. And she won! We won!! On another note, after the case, she checked on me, asked how I was doing, even helped me on another matter just to help..
Nicole is a bright, thorough, compassionate, legal eagle! I highly without any hesitation recommend her.

– Michael

Simply The Best

Mr. Anticouni represented me in a sexual harassment case. He was completely understanding of the trauma I went through and did everything he could to make me feel safe and comfortable. His associate Nicole was also very awesome. She helped me get through the emotional trauma by reassuring me that I had done nothing wrong. She also told me how strong and brave I am. Those words might seem simple but at that moment they meant the world to me. Anticouni and Ricotta fought very hard for me and were always available to answer my questions. Even if they seemed minuscule. I feel like I owe Mr. Anticouni so much more than a thank you. But, thank you!! You’ve definitely changed my life for the better.


Great to have on our side!

“An excellent person to have as a legal advisor for our company. He is completely professional, as is his team. When a delicate situation needed to be addressed, he was there for us. We trust him with the legalities of our business. He has always been very prompt to answer questions for us and to give us sound advice. He was recommended to us by several well-known businesses in the community and we would recommend him to anyone.


So Grateful!

Tristan was extremely helpful with my case. He listened to me and took my case very seriously. He was always quick to respond to any questions or concerns I had while walking me through a very difficult and stressful situation. Tristan made knowledgeable and honest recommendations and helped guide me through a complex and emotionally charged case. He made sure I understood every step in the process while working towards a resolution. I’m very grateful for his work and all that he and the firm did for me!

– Hector

Understanding and Diligent

I feel very lucky and blessed to have Nicole as my attorney. She and her partner worked together seamlessly and I always felt she was doing all she could for me and my case. I would definitely recommend her.

– Lyn

Exceeded Expectations

“It is with great pleasure and without hesitation that I recommend the services of Anticouni & Ricotta. Bruce Anticouni is very knowledgeable and extremely caring. He looked out for my best interest and was always available if I had any questions or concerns. This was a stressful time for me and Bruce made a difficult situation easier. I had never needed legal services before and Bruce took time to explain the entire process. His expertise enabled me to get a fair settlement in a short amount of time. I trust him and know that he would provide others with the same remarkable service he gave me. I would definitely refer family and friends to him. I am grateful for all that Bruce, Nicole, and his team did for me.”

– Jared

Thank you Bruce Anticouni

“I am proudly compelled to fan the flame of those few taking pride in their work and ultimately making me feel like I am not a number. Bruce Anticouni and his staff went above and beyond expectations! Employment Law is not my field of expertise, so, after a recommendation from a family friend, I met with Bruce and his staff for consultation. Bruce listened, questioned, and ultimately gave me his honest legal opinion; which resulted in a favorable settlement! I can not recommend Bruce Anticouni more. He brought a just settlement to an unfavorable labor situation. Thank you Bruce Anticouni!”

– Victoria

Lost Wages

“Very professional, honest, and quick. I was very impressed as I had never gone through something like this before and Nicole made it very simple.”


Separation Review

“I needed an attorney to review a separation agreement from my company. Nicole pointed out some amendments that I should request in order to put me in a stronger position and she successfully negotiated with the company attorney in order to get me a stronger agreement.”

– David

Knowledgeable, thorough, and supportive

“Bruce and his associates recently provided me with top-notch legal support, and I have the highest regard for the way in which they treated me both as a client and as a human being. They worked tirelessly on my behalf, and in addition to their legal skill, treated me with compassion and care during a very difficult time. They have my deep appreciation, as well as my highest recommendation.”


Excellent advise!

“Mr. Verburgt assisted my business with our employee legal questions related to time card compliance and various other items. He was prompt, extremely knowledgeable, and helpful. It was a pleasure working with Mr. Verburgt.”


“Professional and trustworthy. The best of the best.”

– A Client

Recommend 100%!

“We hired Nicole to represent our company in an EDD audit. She was professional, knowledgeable and her fees were more than fair for the work she provided. She conducted the entire audit from start to finish. All her communication was timely and professional. We really enjoyed working with her and would use her again in a heartbeat. We would definitely recommend her to anyone.”


Get it done attorney

“Nicole represented me in a labor dispute. She went beyond in helping me get a settlement.
I recommend her and her law firm if help is needed in labor laws.
Very fair price was charged to me.  Very happy to have used there Services”


“I recently found myself in need of legal representation. I was involved in a dispute with my former employer and needed the advice of a knowledgeable attorney. I phoned Ms. Ricotta’s office and was extremely impressed with her professionalism. She carefully listened to my issues to determine if I had a case. With the pre-screening questions, I knew she was well versed in the law, my rights, and how to proceed with the case. We did proceed and the case was resolved in my favor. Ms. Ricotta is an excellent attorney. I felt that I was in good hands throughout the process.”


Sound legal advice coupled with emotional intelligence

“Nicole effectively and clearly communicated her sound legal advice, including the pros and cons of all options. She has the empathy to appreciate how stress-inducing legal activities can be for some individuals, and was able to provide guidance and information in a non-intimidating way.”


“A very good firm. Very responsive to my needs.”

– Melinda

Sound legal advice coupled with emotional intelligence

“Although my case settled in a “draw” I could not have been more pleased with my representation. I highly recommend this very competent and thorough attorney!”


“Great lawyer! He is the most experienced and successful employment lawyer in Ventura and Santa Barbara.”



Our firm filed the first successful California WAGE AND HOUR CLASS ACTION more than 40 years ago.

Here are some of our overtime compensation class action judgments and settlements.




Ampersand Holdings


Andrews International


Bank of America


Big Dog USA


Bombay Company


California Federal Bank




Don Roberto Jewelers


Eddie Bauer


Foss Maritime


Fox Transport




H.F. Ahmanson & Company


Home Closets


Investigative Agency (Confidential)


J.C. Penney Corporation




Manufacturing (Confidential)


Manufacturing (Confidential)


Medical (Confidential)


Metson Marine


Natural Cafe


Nextel Communications


Phillips-Van Heusen


Protiviti Corporation


Seacor Marine


Spectrum Apple


Sunglass Hut


Tidewater #1


Tidewater #2


Time Warner Telecom




Victoria’s Secret




Wells Fargo #1


Wells Fargo #2


Wells Fargo #3


Western States Wireless


Wilson’s Leather