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Attorney Endorsements

“Bruce Anticouni has been a successful, top-echelon labor and employment lawyer for decades. He is very well respected by his peers, and does a great job for his clients.
As an attorney who has opposed Bruce on many occasions, I have always appreciated his approach, which relies on professionalism, intelligence, deep experience and keen detail to detail. Bruce is a very zealous advocate, yet never uncivil or one for gamesmanship. Instead, he gets things done without standard lawyering. I recommend Bruce Anticouni in the highest possible terms.”

-Steven Chanley

“I have worked with Bruce for close to 30 years, I have always found him to be professional and trustworthy. I would hire Bruce if I had a problem or someone else in my family did. That is the highest praise one attorney can give another.”

-Gary Bethel

“I endorse this lawyer. I worked for Bruce Anticouni for eight years as an associate attorney in the area of employment law ending in 2008. It was a pleasure working for him and he was a great mentor for me in all areas of practice. He is excellent with his clients, is professional in running his business, has an incredible legal mind, and is a highly-skilled negotiator. I learned a great deal from him and often ask myself what he would do when presented with challenging issues in my practice since working there.”

-Heather Quest

Great Advocate

“I have been retained by Bruce to handle a number of cases referred to Alternative Dispute Resolution. He has always been tough, fair, and mindful of his client’s best interests. If a relative came to me and needed a good lawyer in Santa Barbara, Bruce would top my list.”

-A Mediator

“I endorse this lawyer without qualification. I have known about Bruce’s practice since I started practicing law in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties in 1984. A significant percentage of my own practice for private and public offices has involved employment, labor, and civil rights, representing employers and employees. I have been adverse to him or his associates and aware of many cases he handled. My conclusions: Bruce is a formidable adversary and advocate for the cases he accepts; he is tenacious; he shows good and gutsy judgment and commitment when assessing case merits and taking cases. Finally, I’ve been long impressed with Bruce’s and his wife Judy’s generous and enthusiastic support of and interest in local community and bar efforts, leaders, and civil and legal rights organizations.”

-Janet McGinnis

“Bruce Anticouni is one of the most knowledgeable and distinguished employment attorneys in California. His concern for each client and case is the gold standard of how every attorney should be with their clients. Bruce is an absolutely brilliant attorney.”

-Lorraine Woodwark

“I had the opportunity to work with Bruce on a litigation matter that had been pending for several years. Bruce was a relatively recent participant in the proceedings and accordingly had to process significant quantities of information to get up to speed in what was a very complex, multi-party litigation matter. Notwithstanding the complexity of and substantial history surrounding this matter, Bruce was able to quickly get up to speed, separate the pertinent information from the voluminous materials generated, and immediately focus on the major issues. Bruce’s participation was indispensable in terms of facilitating client communications, specifically with regard to communicating complex litigation proceedings, important developments and case analysis to the client and facilitating the attorney/client relationship. In addition, Bruce was always courteous, prompt and professional. I would not hesitate to retain Bruce personally or refer others to him.”

-Gregory Lew

“There is nobody in the Santa Barbara area who knows more about representing plaintiffs in employment law matters than Bruce Anticouni. I have been adverse to Bruce on more matters than I can count over the years and while he is an fierce advocate for his clients, I can also rely on him to exercise the judgment and professionalism that allows us to have a positive relationship despite our passionate disagreements.”

-Paul Wilcox

“Bruce and I have worked together on several wage and hour class actions. He is extremely knowledgeable about employment law and an excellent attorney and advocate for his clients.”

-Brent Clemmer

“I have worked with Bruce Anticouni several times during the 32 years that I worked as General Counsel for a $100,000,000.00 company. He was always an excellent source of information; has a perfect demeanor and achieved great results.”

-Betty Jeppesen

“Over the years, Bruce’s firm has been opposing counsel on 3 or 4 employment matters. Bruce and his partners/associates provide conscientious, strategic representation for their clients. I have been impressed with the quality of their papers and their focus on the client’s best interests, while having professional, courteous relationships with opposing counsel.”

-Karen Dinino

“Terrific firm. Highly recommend for any employment matter.”

-Eric Woolsey

“I have been an attorney and mediator for over 20 years and have conducted over 2,000 mediations. Bruce Anticouni has represented his clients in at least 10 mediations with me over the years. He is one of the best attorneys I have ever worked with. He advances his arguments with rare insight and with total preparation. He always settles his cases with a much better financial outcomes than almost all of attorneys I have worked with. I am frequently asked which attorney I would recommend when they have a legal issue. I always recommend Bruce when employment issues are present.”

-David C. Peterson

“Mr. Anticouni is one of the best lawyers with whom I have worked as a mediator. He was prepared, sensitive to his client’s needs and desires. His experience, knowledge and masterful approach in representing his clients in mediation is admirable. I hope more lawyers will be as effective and reasonable as Mr. Anticouni has been. It renders it most likely for reasonable settlements to occur more often.”

-David A.

Employment Defense Lawyer/Peer

“Bruce is an extremely knowledgeable and highly experienced individual claim and class action lawyer. An individual with an employment-related issue could do no better in the Santa Barbara area or anywhere else in California.”