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Employee Representation

Do you have legitimate cause to complain about violations of your workplace rights, but you feel vulnerable in the face of your employer’s power and influence?

For that same reason, are you hesitant to report an illegal or unethical activity you witnessed on the job?

You have recourse and rights. You have options and a champion on your side in Anticouni & Ricotta — a force in the practice of employment law for almost 50 years.

With the firm’s founding attorney Bruce Anticouni in your corner, anything is possible. He has collected an all-star lineup of skilled, knowledgeable associate lawyers who are just as committed to achieving justice for you, after you have been belittled in the workplace.

Exceptional Employee Representation On California’s Central Coast

The Anticouni team show zero tolerance for hostile work environments created by legal issues such as:

We are open to your ideas, proficient at investigations that turn up supporting evidence, and eloquent in expressing your objectives in court, if litigation is needed. The firm strives to avoid a trial if at all possible, preferring to give mediated and negotiated outcomes every chance.

We want to hear your side of the story. Contact Anticouni & Ricotta to secure an appointment for an initial consultation. Call us in Santa Barbara today at 805-699-5968 or stay at our website to leave an email message.