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What does workplace discrimination do to the mind and body?

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2023 | Workplace Discrimination |

Most people who experience pervasive discrimination in the workplace find that it impacts their lives in multiple ways. Of course, it can make the work environment nearly intolerable, but it may also trickle down to affect other parts of your life.

Unfortunately, most people do not anticipate the often-debilitating effects of workplace discrimination and thus fail to seek a remedy. If discrimination is a problem for you, here are two health reasons to stop waiting and seek help to end it once and for all.

Blood pressure increase

Recent research indicates that employees experiencing discrimination may develop high blood pressure. The risk may be even higher for those who suffer discrimination based on race or ethnicity.

Researchers believe discrimination causes increased stress and anxiety, which may trigger the release of hormones that damage vessels and raise blood pressure. These findings suggest that workplace discrimination is a serious public health problem.

Mental health issues

As you may know, discrimination can plague the mind as much as it does the body, often leading to severe depression. On-the-job discrimination may link to depression in the following ways.

  • Increases anxiety and stress
  • Lowers self-esteem
  • Increases the risk of social isolation

Chronic discrimination may also create or increase feelings of helplessness in workers, potentially lowering their overall quality of life.

It is unwise to quit your job due to discrimination, as it may impact your case if you seek a remedy. At the same time, you shouldn’t sacrifice your physical and psychological well-being for the sake of a job.

Fortunately, a proactive approach and legal guidance may help you end your mistreatment without sacrificing your income. Learning about California employment and discrimination laws is an ideal place to start.

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