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What is caste discrimination?

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2021 | Workplace Discrimination |

A rather complicated discrimination lawsuit has been working its way through the California court system for almost a year now.

The case is drawing headlines not only for its unique nature but also for the fact that it seems to have opened a floodgate on similar complaints from others.

How an Indian social system led to workplace discrimination in the United States

It’s not uncommon for the tech or science industries to be heavily populated by experts and technicians who have immigrated to the United States to work in high-level positions with various companies.

Unfortunately, prejudices are somewhat universally human — and immigrants may carry certain biases with them from their native lands.

In this situation, California regulators sued Cisco Systems on behalf of an engineer of Indian descent who claims that he suffered routine discrimination because he belongs to the Dalit caste. The Indian caste system, while officially outlawed, has permeated the culture for centuries.

Dalits are considered to be the lowest members of the social hierarchy. Consequently, he was given menial tasks, verbally derided and otherwise mocked by other employees of Indian nationality or descent who belonged to higher castes.

Now, other Dalits are coming forward both to show their support and express similar stories of discrimination in the workplace based on caste.

Workplace discrimination is often varied — but always wrong

This story is still playing out and the case is far from resolved, but it does highlight just how complex the issue of workplace discrimination can be in the modern era.

If you’ve suffered workplace discrimination based on your race, skin color, gender, gender identity, familial status, religion or anything similar, it’s wise to fully explore your options. When your employer fails to step up and protect you, it’s time to speak with an experienced attorney.

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