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Closing the wage gap a top priority for many women

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2020 | Blog |

On March 8, California residents and others throughout America celebrated International Women’s Day. The day is intended to honor the achievements of women everywhere as well as highlight some of the issues that they still face in society. One of the major issues that women face is receiving equal pay for equal work. According to a poll from Beqom, roughly 25% of female respondents said that closing the pay gap was their top priority.

Among male respondents, 13% said that this issue was most important to them. White women in the United States currently make about 82 cents for every dollar that a white male makes. Women of color tend to make less than that, and the World Economic Forum says it will take about 250 years for that gap to close throughout the world. However, progress has been made toward pay equity in recent years as women are starting to obtain jobs that require higher levels of skill.

Citi says that its female employees make 99 cents for each dollar that a man makes, and the company also says that it’s working toward closing the gap entirely. Specifically, Citi said that it wants to increase the number of women who represent the company in management roles in the United States and throughout the world.

Individuals who don’t receive equal pay for equal work may be victims of workplace discrimination. An attorney may help workplace discrimination victims obtain compensation or other forms of relief from an employer. This may include an order compelling a company to change its pay structure or other policies. Payroll records, statements from managers or other evidence might be used in court or during settlement talks to help a person obtain a favorable outcome in his or her case.

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