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Numbers for workplace discrimination, harassment yield surprises

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2019 | Blog, Workplace Discrimination |

Sexual harassment remains a problem in California workplaces. This is true even though the MeToo movement sought to make it easier for those who have been subjected to workplace mistreatment to put a stop to the behavior and be compensated. A recent report shows surprising results about reporting harassment.

The study from NAVEX Global assessed how long it took to close sexual harassment cases. Researchers noted a 13% increase in case closure time to 45 days. According to the researchers, for best practices to be achieved, the average time should between 30 and 32 days. For 20% of the organizations studied, it takes at least 100 days to complete cases. Last year’s report found an increase in harassment reporting to 5% of total reports. In the new report, that reduced to 4%.

Thirty-one percent of people who lodged a complaint did so within nine days of the incident. Researchers also found that 20% of complaints took at least 60 days to be reported. There are many potential reasons for a long wait. One is being retaliated against and not knowing how to report the incident. Workplaces can smooth the process by making human resources departments aware of what steps to take to address sexual harassment and other problems at work.

Despite the unusual statistics, researchers do not believe that harassment has stopped. For any workplace issue, it is important to first report it to the employer. Even after that, having legal advice can be critical as the employee will be protected if there is an inadequate response. A law firm experienced in harassment, workplace discrimination and other areas of employment law may help.

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