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Taking action against sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2017 | Sexual Harassment |

Sexual harassment takes many forms, some of which we have covered on this blog. Whether you are subjected to the presentation of lewd and offensive sexual material while trying to work or are forced to endure nasty sexual comments, unwanted physical contact, or any other illegal form of sexual harassment, you should not hesitate to speak out. Sadly, some workers who are victims of sexual harassment stay quiet because they worry about the possible ramifications of standing up for themselves. Our law firm recognizes how hard it can be for victims to come forward, but offenders must be held answerable.

Sometimes, speaking out against sexual harassment can be difficult for different reasons. Some victims may feel ashamed and may not want others to know about the abuse they were subjected to. On the other hand, some worry that stepping forward will cost them their job or negatively impact them in another way. However, retaliation is also against the law and victims of sexual harassment deserve a voice.

Even though progress has been made in certain facets of the workplace with regard to sexual harassment, this behavior remains far too commonplace. Victims may be pressured into submitting to behaviors or activities that they want nothing to do with and it is vital for anyone who witnesses illegal sexual harassment to immediately identify the proper course of action. If you have a look at our sexual harassment section, you will be able to go over more information related to this type of illegal workplace behavior

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