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Understanding The Benefits Of An Arbitration Agreement

Most claims filed by employees in court carry the possibility of substantial awards including punitive damages. These decisions could adversely affect the employer and put the employer out of business. The best way to avoid having an employee file a lawsuit against you is to have employees sign an Arbitration Agreement as a condition of employment.

Arbitration is a private process conducted by an experienced former judge or litigation attorney. Unlike court cases, where an employee has a 50% chance of winning, some data reflects that employers prevail in over 85% of employment Arbitrations.

The reason for such a high success rates is in part due to the fact that employees are limited to introducing far less documents. Documents that might establish a pattern of unlawful conduct or establish the employee actually suffered discrimination.

Contact our Employment Law attorneys today. We can tailor an Arbitration agreement to apply to your business which will protect your company from costly and public litigation.