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Mediation Provides An Alternative To Costly Litigation

Sometimes an employer must defend itself from a false allegation even if it is required to incur substantial legal fees with attorneys to do so. Our firm has defended hundreds of employers who felt compelled to defend against baseless employee claims.

That said — a single employment can result in a substantial financial loss and substantial legal fees. Litigation is often devastating to normal operations which can last years and, once begun, hard to stop. Moreover, very few lawsuits go to trial. Rather, they are settled before trial after the expenditure of tens of thousands of dollars. Sometimes more.

It is often in the interest of both the employee and employer to attempt to resolve early in the process without costly lawyers. This is can be successfully obtained in Mediation where a professional and highly experienced neutral mediator helps the employee and the employer to reach an agreement that meets the needs of both parties.

Mediation Is A Non-Binding Process

While no one is required to accept the recommendations of a mediator, over 90% of employment Mediations are resolved in a single one-day session. Anticouni & Ricotta has represented employers in hundreds of Mediations over the past 40 years where we have obtained favorable outcomes for our clients.

Mr. Anticouni also serves as a Special Master in the Santa Barbara Superior Court where he acts as a mediator of employment lawsuits shortly before a scheduled trial date. His experience representing employers, employees, together with serving as a court appointed mediator, allows him to have the ability to resolve California employment over 90% of the time.