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Resolving Work-Related Conflicts In Arbitration

Many employers now require its employees to agree to have any work-related disputes resolved in Arbitration. The required consent is usually included in the employer’s application for employment, employee handbooks, or in the large pile of documents an employer gives to new employees.

Agreeing to Arbitration means employees are not allowed to pursue their claims in court in front of a judge and jury.

Employers want to compel their employees to Arbitration because it is a much more favorable avenue. The process limits the amount of information each side can obtain from the other. This often means prior claims against the employer alleging the same wrongdoing are not usually not disclosed and documents that would establish violations of the law are not produced. Arbitrators’ awards cannot be appealed which means an unfair or legally incorrect decision cannot be heard by an appellate court, a right that an employee has when an employee sues the employer in court.

Speak With An Experienced Employment Law Attorney Before Signing An Arbitration Agreement

There is strong evidence that arbitrators’ rule in employer’s favor more than 85% of the time. Arbitration is simply a bad place for an employee to bring a legal action against their employer. We encourage employees to avoid signing an Arbitration agreement when given the chance to do so. Contact our Employment Law attorneys to learn more.