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Spotting age discrimination in your California workplace

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2021 | Workplace Discrimination |

More and more older Americans are remaining a vital part of the U.S. workforce. In many cases, aging individuals keep working because they want to stay busy. Other times, these people need to continue earning a reliable income.

Regardless of why older people remain on the job, they have the same rights that younger workers enjoy. For example, if you are older, you still have the right to perform your duties in an environment free of occupational age discrimination. Unfortunately, many aging citizens are uncertain about what constitutes age discrimination.

Signs of age discrimination at work

Our attorneys have seen many instances of age discrimination in which the victim was not sure what was happening. Often, they just felt unwelcome at work but could not pinpoint what the problem was. To help you recognize when you’re being victimized, we want to share a few signs of age-related workplace discrimination:

  • Your boss always gives challenging assignments to younger employees even though you are equally qualified to complete the job.
  • You never get promoted despite your experience and success rate within the company.
  • Your boss or coworkers frequently make disparaging comments about your age.
  • You are receiving clear signals that your company wants you to retire despite your satisfactory performance at work.
  • Your superiors have demoted you for no reason or eliminated your position to make way for younger employees.

We know how hard it is to be sure that you are suffering from age discrimination in the workplace. Even when signs are present, it is easy to tell yourself that your imagination is working overtime. Still, you want to be sure, not just for yourself but for other aging members of the workforce that deserve fair treatment. Often, a thorough legal review of your situation can bring you the clarity you need.

We encourage you to continue reading our blog and website for additional insight into age-related workplace discrimination. You may also reach out for personalized guidance in determining if you are indeed a victim.

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