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Wrongful termination can be a traumatic thing to experience

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2019 | Wrongful Termination |

Losing a job can be very stressful and difficult. The experience can even be downright traumatic if loss of employment resulted from a wrongful termination. In another state, a woman filed a wrongful termination claim against her former employer after she allegedly experienced harassment and retaliation from her superiors. Workers in California who face situations similar to what this woman encountered may have the grounds to pursue legal action.

The woman worked as a bus driver for a city in another state. According to the lawsuit, the woman was sexually harassed by several of her superiors. In one instance portrayed in the suit, the woman met with one of her supervisors to discuss a bus accident, and the supervisor asked her on a date after making sexual comments. The woman claimed she was retaliated against and written up after she refused the supervisor’s advances.

The following year, a different supervisor propositioned the plaintiff for sex, the lawsuit said. Again, the woman faced retaliation after denying the advances, according to claims. The woman alleges that she was eventually terminated in retaliation. She claims to have suffered humiliation, anxiety and loss of income as a result of her alleged experiences.

Workers in California who believe they have been fired from a job without just cause have options available that could ease their suffering. Victims may want to consider discussions with an experienced and knowledgeable employment law attorney. A successfully litigated wrongful termination lawsuit could give victims a sense of justice and result in monetary damages to replace lost income.

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