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Principal faced wrongful termination for reporting wrongdoing

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2019 | Wrongful Termination |

When employers are called out for unethical or inappropriate behavior, they sometimes seek revenge against those who exposed them. In the state of California, harassment and retaliation in the workplace is a direct violation of established employment laws. The Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989 protects workers from facing retaliatory acts for reporting violations or other unethical acts. A woman in another state filed a wrongful termination lawsuit after she was allegedly fired for reporting unethical activity.

The woman worked as a principal for a charter school. According to the lawsuit, the school participated in a number of unethical acts. The lawsuit claimed that school administrators sought to prevent special needs students from attending the school and also tried to get special needs students to transfer out of the school.

The suit said the plaintiff reported these acts to Department of Education officials in her state. A short time later, the woman was apparently fired from her position. The woman also claimed that the school failed to properly pay her and also withheld benefits that had been promised. Reportedly, the judge in the case ordered the school restore the plaintiff’s benefits and place her back on the payroll while the two sides enter into mediation.

Losing a job due to retaliation can be absolutely devastating. What can be done if employment is lost as a result of retaliation and/or harassment? Victims in the state of California can take legal action by seeking the services of an attorney and filing a wrongful termination lawsuit. A successfully litigated claim could give victims a sense of justice and supply much-needed monetary relief to replace lost wages.

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