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Women can commit sexual assault too

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2018 | Sexual Harassment |

When people in California hear the phrases ‘sexual harassment’ or ‘sexual assault’, often the picture that comes to mind is a woman as the victim. While, of course, women are the victims of sexual assault, they can also be the perpetrators. In fact, it may be a bigger problem than many suspect.

According to the New York Times, Asia Argento was recently accused of sexually assaulting a minor male and arranging to pay off her accuser in installments. A director and actress, Ms. Argento was a leader of the #Metoo movement due to her accusations against Harvey Weinstein regarding rape and sexual assault. While the claim against her came out recently, the supposed assault against her accuser occurred years ago.

According to USA Today, this phenomenon of women committing sexual assault against males is nothing new or rare. In fact, men report rape by women at about the same rate as women do, according to a study done by the CDC. 

Ironically, men are the victims of more sexual assault cases partly due to women’s insistence in changing the definition of sexual assault and rape. Now, sexual assault can mean not only forced penetration but also:

  • Sex while intoxicated or under undue influence
  • Date rape
  • Sex when both parties consent, but not for the same reasons
  • Sex without prior consent

Men also make up almost 33% of the claims of sexual coercion, which relates to a variety of unwanted actions or retaliation related to sex, such as lies, negative gossip, threats and repeated requests for sex.


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