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Wrongful termination during a pregnancy

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2018 | Wrongful Termination |

When someone loses their position in a way which violates employment law, they may struggle to move forward in life, regardless of their circumstances. From financial problems to a shattered career, this is a matter that must be taken seriously. For some people, however, wrongful termination can be especially challenging. Consider someone who is pregnant and finds out that their job has been brought to an end as a result of their pregnancy, even though they are fully qualified to carry out their job duties. This is just one example of the challenges some people face in the workplace.

Perhaps you are pregnant and have recently been fired illegally, in which case our law office knows how hard daily life may be for you. Setting aside the negative emotions that can come with wrongful termination (anger, depression, and anxiety), you may be facing real financial problems and you could be worried about your ability to provide for your child and family in the future. Sadly, many people have found themselves in this tough position and those who break the law by firing someone due to their pregnancy, or any other illegal factor, must not be let off the hook.

Whether you are having trouble finding a new job or cannot replace the income you have lost, you should know what your legal options are. Our section which covers wrongful termination has more related to the illegal firing of an employee and other topics that are relevant to this area of law.

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