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A deeper look into denied overtime

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2018 | Wage And Hour Claims |

We have given various examples of employee rights violations, but wage violations can be especially tough for many workers. Whether someone is living from one paycheck to another and struggling to make ends meet or a hard-working employee cannot pay the child support they owe, each worker’s situation is different. Unfortunately, many workers are taken advantage of and in this post, we will analyze some of the ways in which denied overtime occurs.

The unlawful denial of overtime pay may be accidental or intentional. Whether an employer mistakenly overlooks the fact that one of their workers was entitled to overtime pay, or they deliberately refuse to provide someone with overtime, employers should not be allowed to get away with this behavior. Some may take advantage of workers who do not know that they are entitled to overtime pay or an employer may change a worker’s record and claim that they worked fewer hours than they actually did. Either way, this behavior is unacceptable and remains too prevalent in work spaces across the U.S. Some employers ask employees to stay late and work off of the clock, since they would be entitled to overtime if their work was logged.

When an employee experiences denied overtime, they may not know what their legal rights are or they could feel as if addressing the violation is too complicated. Some may even be afraid of the consequences of standing up for their rights. However, employers who show no regard for the rights of employees should be held answerable.

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