Anticouni & Associates Files Lawsuit against California-American Water Company for Age Discrimination, Disability-Based Associational Discrimination, Failure to Accommodate, Failure to Engage in a Timely Good Faith Interaction, Wrongful Termination in Violation of Public Policy, and Emotional Distress.

The Complaint alleges that the Company forced Plaintiff out of the Company and into retirement at age 56 by transferring his position to San Diego. Further, the Company was aware of Plaintiff’s wife’s ongoing cancer treatment in 2014. Plaintiff made the Company aware that it would be impossible to relocate to San Diego in the midst of his wife’s cancer treatment in Newbury Park. Plaintiff requested that he be allowed to remain in Newbury Park as a reasonable accommodation for his wife’s medical condition. His request was dismissed. Plaintiff is seeking compensatory damages, special and general damages, and punitive and exemplary damages.