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Sexual harassment and humiliation

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2017 | Sexual Harassment |

When it comes to sexual harassment, victims may suffer in many different ways. Sometimes, a person subjected to sexual harassment may fear that speaking out will result in the loss of their job, while others may be traumatized from what they have been through. Anticouni & Ricotta is well aware of the different challenges that sexual harassment victims face in Santa Barbara, or any California city, for that matter. We understand that these incidents can also leave victims feeling humiliated and suffering from other forms of emotional pain.

From touching and sexual advances that are not wanted to crude language and the presentation of offensive materials in the workplace, there are many examples of sexual harassment. Furthermore, all forms of unlawful harassment are unacceptable and should be handled right away. If you think that your employer, manager, or someone else at your place of work has broken the law by sexually harassing you, you should not feel afraid to stand up for your rights.

Sometimes, sexual harassment victims may feel embarrassed after experiencing unlawful treatment, which could prompt them to remain silent. Regrettably, this can lead to further abuse and it is pivotal for offenders to be held responsible for what they have done. This behavior can not only create a hostile work environment, but it may also interfere with an employee’s life outside of work.

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