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The emotional toll of discrimination

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2017 | Workplace Discrimination |

When people think of discrimination, a number of challenges may come to mind, such as the denial of job applications and financial problems brought on by being fired. At Anticouni & Ricotta, we are very familiar with the emotional problems that can arise for victims of discrimination in Santa Barbara, and in all of California’s communities. To some, emotional challenges may not seem to be a very serious problem. However, they can be devastating for victims.

Discrimination can shatter victims’ sense of security and belonging. Moreover, it may lead to a considerable amount of stress, which can be even more pronounced in the workplace. Sometimes, people who have been mistreated as a result of their gender, religious beliefs or racial background may decide to quit their job because the harassment is so severe. Unfortunately, this can upend their lives in other ways, especially if they have difficulty securing a new position due to a competitive job market.

When someone has experienced any form of discrimination or retaliation in a manner which violates employment law, they should not be afraid to step forward and have those who broke the law held responsible. Furthermore, those who have been victimized by illegal discrimination should not have to worry that standing up for their legal rights will lead to the loss of their job.

If you go over to the section of our website that is devoted to workplace discrimination, you can find out more about how unlawful discrimination manifests in the workplace and shatters peoples’ lives.

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