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Starbucks faces lawsuit over unpaid wages

Working for a large corporate employer is often a difficult position for entry-level employees. Many workers assume that the policies such companies have in place are legal and enforceable. After all, the company surely employs an army of attorneys to make sure it complies with the law. Still, many Starbucks employees learned recently that the coffee shop giant may have instituted illegal labor practices for hundreds -- or even thousands -- of its workers.

Ageism: What you should know about age discrimination

Age discrimination isn't something everyone deals with, but for those who do, it's a devastating kind of discrimination to face. Instead of being supported for years of service and learning, you end up being mistreated just because you're a few years older than others in your industry.

Can I work "off the clock" legally?

Working "off the clock" is a reality for many employees in various businesses, depending on the nature of the job and the area of employment. While there are some exceptions, working off the clock is not generally acceptable under modern employment law.

Independent contractor or employee? Get the wage you deserve

Some employers take advantage of the fact that their employees need work, and they sometimes take steps to try to avoid paying minimum wage. That isn't fair to employees, and it often is only legal because of unfair loopholes. However, there are cases when employees can seek the compensation they haven't received due to deceptive practices.

We need a better perspective on ageism

When you were young, you probably saw older people as different from you. Depending on your perspective, you may have honored them as deep compendiums of valuable knowledge. Or, maybe you judged them as examples of a dying, outmoded system.

Understanding overtime laws in California for hourly workers

Not everyone receives overtime pay, which can make employment laws confusing to some. People may simply assume that they aren't entitled to overtime pay for their work. In reality, unless you are a salaried worker, your employer should be paying you at least time and a half for any time over 40 hours that you've worked in any given pay period.

Is your employer illegally refusing to pay you overtime?

If you are an hourly worker, you should receive overtime pay whenever you work more than 40 hours in a given work week. In fact, federal law mandates that all employers must pay workers at least 150 percent their regular wages for all hours over 40 worked during any given work week.

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