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Men may struggle to report sexual harassment at work

Most California employees have undergone sexual harassment seminars at their jobs and understand what behaviors are unacceptable in the workplace. While most awareness campaigns about workplace sexual harassment focus on women who experience it, men may also be targets of these behaviors. However, it may be more difficult for men to report sexual harassment due to a number of factors.

How the #MeToo movement affects reports of sexual harassment

When the #MeToo movement began in California, few people believed it would spread quite the way it did. It moved from the southwestern corner of America to the northeast. According to a CNN report, one in three UN workers report being sexually harassed on the job in the past two years alone.

Psychologists try to explain why men harass women at work

When the #MeToo movement first took off in California, few people expected it to spread in the way it did. Celebrities, politicians and business moguls all across the United States continue to find themselves haunted and even incarcerated by the sins of their past, involving unethical and illegal behavior regarding their treatment of women. In some instances, the victims are even underage girls.

To report or not to report sexual harassment in the workplace

Companies in California may not have a legal obligation to put sexual harassment policies in place, but most have one anyway. Sexual harassment policies may be especially important in the Golden State, where the #MeToo movement rocked Hollywood and took down some of the most well-known names in the entertainment business. These men — and sometimes, women — allegedly took advantage of younger candidates and employees seeking to advance their careers.

Sexual harassment and what your employer can do about it

Because of the #MeToo movement, more people are aware of sexual harassment occurring in the workplace. Californians may believe that sexual harassment is a new phenomenon or suddenly on the rise. The truth is that sexual harassment has been a problem since women first entered the workforce. Women have just finally created a platform from which to share their stories.

Same-sex harassment and the law

Sexual harassment in California can be seen in many different forms. While the most common scenario is a male harassing a female, this is not always the case. Women can be the perpetrators towards men, and you can also be sexually harassed by someone of your same gender. It is important to be aware of the law and some examples of what may constitute harassment in sexual form.

Steps to take if you have been sexually harassed

While it would be great if every work situation was free of conflict and drama, this is not usually the case. Unfortunately, sexual harassment is one type of behavior that can make working in an environment challenging and uncomfortable. Although California has laws against sexual harassment, it still occurs and it is important to know how to proceed so that the claim is taken seriously and a proper investigation is carried out.

Holding powerful people accountable for their actions

Recently, an increasing amount of attention has been given to sexual harassment and sexual assault. A number of high-profile cases have appeared in recent months and many people are becoming aware of how problematic sexual harassment and assault are in society. Unfortunately, many people continue to mistreat staff members and subject them to sexual harassment which violates the law. Moreover, some people may choose to stay silent for unfortunate reasons. For example, they may be afraid to hold someone who is in a position of power accountable for what they have done.

Women can commit sexual assault too

When people in California hear the phrases 'sexual harassment' or 'sexual assault', often the picture that comes to mind is a woman as the victim. While, of course, women are the victims of sexual assault, they can also be the perpetrators. In fact, it may be a bigger problem than many suspect.

Reasons why sexual harassment is not always reported

With the #MeToo movement making a splash throughout California and the rest of the country, more women continue to come forward to report sexual harassment and misconduct by high-profile figures. Some of the cases involve situations from years ago, which causes some to wonder why the women did not come forward earlier when the supposed misconduct occurred. Turns out there are numerous reasons why females do not report, and there is still a lot of work that needs to be done around this subject.

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