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Wage and hour claims: Disneyland involved in class-action suit

In today's cutthroat business world, companies are looking for more and more ways to increase profits. Many companies achieve this by cutting costs. Unfortunately, this can directly affect loyal and dedicated employees. Most wage and hour claims these days include allegations of employers neglecting to pay employees. A group of Disneyland employees in California have filed a class-action lawsuit against the popular theme park and resort, alleging that Disney failed to pay them a living wage.

Wage and hour claims: Employees say they were treated unfairly

These days, it is not uncommon for employees in the United States to feel that they are overworked and underpaid. A fundamental part of employment is that all employees are paid appropriately for the work they provide. Fortunately, wage and hour laws were established to ensure that employees in the state of California and across the country are properly paid. In an effort to cut expenses, it is not uncommon for employers to incorrectly pay their employees, or neglect to pay workers altogether. This is a common scenario in many wage and hour claims.

Millions more employees may become eligible for OT pay

California workers enjoy some of the best labor laws in the country. Even so, there is one area where many workers felt the laws fell short: overtime pay. The Obama administration did make attempts to change this, making millions more people eligible for overtime pay on a federal level. However, several states pursued legal action and a federal judge blocked the proposal.

Potential changes to federal overtime laws

Californians are more fortunate than many Americans when it comes to overtime pay. California is one of several states that put in place better overtime pay laws than the federal government. According to CNN Business, state law requires employers to pay 1.5 times the regular hourly wages for working more than eight hours in a day. When workers’ shifts pass 12 hours per day, employers pay double-time wages.

California minimum wage laws and how to file a wage claim

On the campaign trail for the 2016 presidential elections, Bernie Sanders and other democrats raised the importance of a higher minimum wage. At the time, many private corporations shot down the idea of raising the minimum wage to the $15 Sanders recommended. However, several states disagreed. Since then, several of these put plans in place to raise the minimum wage annually to ensure residents make a more livable income. California is one such state.

You cannot be fired for objecting to lack of rest breaks

According to California law, employers have a duty to provide their workers with rest breaks, provided that workers have performed labor for four hours. So if you notice that your employer is not giving workers the amount of rest breaks that they deserve, it is a valid complaint and you should not be penalized for it. If an employer decides to take retaliatory action against you, you should know that your rights are being violated.

Make sure employers are giving you required breaks

There are many rules and regulations to protect workers in California, and giving appropriate breaks is one of them. The state requires employers to give rest and meal breaks when employees work a certain number of hours. If an employer does not grant these breaks, there are consequences.

Trucker lunch breaks under attack in California

Truck drivers in California and all across America are tired. There is no doubt about it. These drivers have some of the toughest and most dangerous jobs in the country, working long hours on the road away from family and friends. Companies are struggling to find enough truck drivers to keep up with consumer demands. As a result, currently employed truck drivers are taking on more loads than they otherwise might have, further contributing to driver exhaustion.

Learn whether your job is exempt before filing a wage theft claim

If you are an employee in California and work more than a standard day or week, overtime wages may be due. Unfortunately, businesses do not always pay as the law requires. At Anticouni & Associates, we represent clients who have experienced wage theft by their employer.

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