Sexual Harassment

What You Need To Know About Sexual Harassment

Dirty jokes, unwanted advances and sexual-laced comments in the workplace are unlawful sexual harassment. If you experience sexual harassment at work, you know how intimidating it can be and what a detrimental effect it can have on your productivity and self confidence. In general, sexual harassment takes two forms:

  • Hostile Work Environment: This type of sexual harassment includes day-to-day exposure to offensive and derogatory words, inappropriate pictures, sexual jokes, sexual comments and unwelcome touching.
  • Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment: This type of harassment is much more serious and occurs when favorable job advancements such as promotions and raises are contingent upon your agreeing to sexual activity to keep your job, or unfavorable consequences such as a demotion or a termination occur because you refuse the advances.

Employees should not just be left to guess, "is this illegal?" when they experience subtle or even obvious forms of sexual harassment. A successful claim depends on many factors that vary depending on the type of harassment. Whatever the type, our experienced team of employment lawyers knows the law and they know what it takes to prove your case.

If you believe you have been sexually harassed please contact Anticouni & Associates. We can help you.